SleepOut 2021 helps tackle youth homelessness


Employees from Intrinsic FE will join hundreds across the property sector for a socially-distanced SleepOut to help end youth homelessness. LandAid’s fundraising event on 11th March is a little different this year, but still promises to push the Intrinsic team outside their comfort zone.

Intrinsic FE Director Chris Roberts isn’t afraid to push himself as demonstrated by an impressive track record of endurance events. The same can’t be said of colleague, Emma Knight, Intrinsic FE Associate. Her passion for the great outdoors doesn’t stretch to sleeping in it without compelling reason this early in the year.

Nonetheless, the pair have teamed up (albeit socially-distanced) to support LandAid’s SleepOut 2021 at home on 11th March.  For the past three years, LandAid has invited the property industry to join together for one night outside to help end youth homelessness. It’s not about replicating sleeping rough, but encouraging supporters to step outside their comfort zone.

“It’s a been a challenging year across the sector for obvious reasons,” comments Chris, “but Intrinsic was able to deliver robust strategies to help clients navigate the impact of lockdowns and beyond on building services, and emerge in good shape.”

“Unfortunately,” he continues, “the same can’t be said for youth homelessness: in London the number of young people sleeping rough on the streets has risen by 47% since the start of the pandemic. It’s important that we give back in this way to help alleviate the harsh realities faced by a growing number of young people.”

Emma echoes his passion for the cause: “Optimism is my buzz-word for 2021, so supporting LandAid’s SleepOut is a no-brainer. It’s the very least I can do if it helps give more young people better life chances.”

Where will you SleepOut?

The pair are busy fundraising and have until 11th March to identify their respective Sleep Out locations. This year’s socially distanced event takes place in participants’ back gardens, or anywhere in the home they wouldn’t normally sleep.

“The plan is to sleep wherever will most challenge us,” notes Chris, “the more uncomfortable and unconventional the better. Ordinarily I’d be heading straight for the pebbles of my local beach, but that won’t be appropriate this year. Fortunately I have a small patch of outside space I can curl up in.”

“Just sleeping outside at this time of year is going to be a big enough challenge,” adds Emma. “I’m hoping my cat, or teenagers, will join me to keep me warm for the night. Is that cheating?”

Feeling inspired? – Here’s how you can help Intrinsic FE & LandAid end youth homelessness

  1. Click on this link to support Chris Roberts’ fundraising efforts.
  2. Click on this link to support Emma Knight’s fundraising efforts.
  3. Register here to take part in LandAid’s SleepOut 2021 at home.