Technical Management

The performance of building engineering services together with their operating and maintenance costs are under constant scrutiny. The intricacies of technologies employed in today’s buildings coupled with stringent legislative requirements, place increasing demands on everyone responsible for their management.


Intrinsic FE delivers the technical expertise and support demanded by property and facilities professionals to guarantee the optimal performance of a building’s engineering services.

Whatever the unique requirements of a building, we tailor our services to deliver:

  • Client/Customer business continuity
  • Safe and comfortable working environment
  • Cost-effective service
  • Client/Customer expectations of service standards
  • Optimised life and value of the assets

We facilitate this through a range of services:

  • Preparation and Procurement of Engineering Services Maintenance Contracts
  • Term Consultancy – Contract Monitoring, Performance Management & Audit Service
  • Technical Appraisal/ Maintenance Audits

Engineering Consultancy

Intrinsic FE boasts a wealth of expertise across the technical, commercial, and regulatory areas of property and offers a holistic perspective when reviewing a building’s engineering services. We understand the complex factors associated with engineering assets – life expectancy, maintenance and repair costs, refurbishment costs and replacement – and will put these into context in our advice, integrating operation and design expertise within our solutions.

Facilities Projects

There is a subtle difference in design and project management for the built environment. Working within the constraints of existing buildings and their environs presents unique challenges. It demands a more innovative and flexible approach to delivering sustainable engineering solutions.

Vertical Transportation

Intrinsic FE provides expert knowledge and advice on lift and escalator installations together with façade access systems. Our understanding of best practice and industry standards sees us well-placed to ensure vertical transportation design and installation solutions meet current and future requirements.