Promotion for Emma Knight to Intrinsic Associate Director

Head and shoulders photo of Emma Knight, Associate Director at Intrinsic Facilities Engineering. Emma is smiling at the camera. Text printed left of her image read: What are you most proud of in your career so far? Returning to work in a completely new discipline after a career break

Congratulations to Intrinsic’s Emma Knight on her promotion to Associate Director.

It’s not often you find a number cruncher and wordsmith in a single package, so we’re fortunate that Emma stepped out of her self-confessed comfort zone some six years ago and chose to work for us.

“Walking back into the corporate world after time away can require brave pants,” reflects Emma. “But Intrinsic was the perfect launch pad for re-entry. The directors are passionate about playing to individual strengths which gives everyone the chance to contribute to business success in a supportive environment. We’ve navigated a challenging couple of years for the sector, with the promise of more to come. But the team’s energy and ambition for growth is as infectious today as it was when I joined.

Being recognised and valued in the workplace is most important, so this promotion reminds me how much my contribution counts. Beyond that, the team shares a strong work ethic and fun sense of humour, making Intrinsic a decent place to hang while you work.”

Emma joined the Intrinsic team in March 2016 as Financial Administrator, progressing to Associate, Finance & Communication in October 2019.

Happily for us, she’s also our certified Mental Health First Aider, a remit that is deeply personal to her and has greatly enriched our team interactions.


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