Boiler Replacement, Augmentation of Building Management Control System and Ancillary Works – Halton House



• Turnkey project delivering optimum environmental conditions and running costs

• Operate discreetly within confined space avoiding disruption to building occupants

Project Summary

Intrinsic FE was initially appointed to undertake a detailed Planned Maintenance ‘lifecycle’ Programme (PMP) and extensive feasibility study into more environmentally friendly alternatives to heating the building with conventional boiler plant. During this phase of works, and without warning, there was a catastrophic failure of the existing boilers at the end of summer.

With colder months approaching we identified the client's best available option was to replace the system with a similar mode of heating. In doing so we opted for two highly efficient, ultra-low emission Strebel S-CBX condensing boilers with a combined rating of 280kW offering NOx emissions of less than 24 mg/kWh (Class 6) in compliance with the maximum 2 credits available under BREEAM’s New Construction 2018 1.0 Technical Manual SD5078 guidelines. With Seasonal Efficiency in excess of 95% to Part L calculations each unit is ERP ‘A’ rated.

This turnkey project not only involved the boilers but also the replacement of all associate plant and the hot water cylinders, together with the installation of new BMS Head End Supervisor to facilitate the new boiler controls and interface existing system.

We successfully overcame the challenge of working discreetly within the confines of an extremely tight basement boiler room while the building was occupied. The installation works were completed within 6 weeks.


Halton House, 23-23 Holborn, London EC1N


Boiler Installation, Augmentation of Building Management Control System (BMS) and Ancillary Works


Aviva Life & Pensions UK Ltd (PU)



Our Role

MEP Consultant


16 weeks (Design, Procurement, and Installation)

Project Value