Chiller Replacement – Catalyst House

Catalyst House


• Chiller unit downtime reduced to 3 working days through meticulous project planning

• Cost and time savings secured for Client by minimising downtime and avoiding need for installation of temporary chiller unit

• Safeguarded tenant wellbeing with minimal disruption

Project Overview

Intrinsic Facilities Engineering (IFE) was instructed to undertake a performance specification and project management for chiller replacement of the property’s existing aging unit. The project called for vigilance to the wellbeing of tenants and minimal disruption during the period of works and drew on the team’s technical expertise to avoid the need for installation of a temporary chiller unit, which ultimately delivered additional cost and time savings for the Client.


Catalyst House is located five minutes from the village of Elstree and offers approximately 4,088m2 of office space. The building was constructed in 2001 and at the time of instruction was occupied by three standing tenants.

The existing Chiller unit was manufactured in 1998 and experienced regular tripping issues as it neared the end of its 20-year economic lifecycle under CIBSE guide M.

Project Summary

Mindful of the Client’s obligations to maintain a suitable working environment for its occupiers, the Managing Agent asked IFE to investigate the need for a temporary chiller during the changeover period. IFE conducted detailed technical observations over the course of several days, measuring office temperatures on both the East and West sides of the property. Our detailed analysis of these calculations led to the conclusion that a temporary unit would not be required.

IFE identified that the building’s extensive glass facia would make it imperative to keep downtime to a minimum for the air-conditioning chilled water. We worked with the appointed contractor to reduce the Chiller downtime to just 3 working days, validating the decision not to install a temporary unit.

IFE managed tenant relations throughout the project, with regular communications and overseeing their safe temporary vacation from the premises during the lifting operation to install the new Chiller into the rooftop housing unit.


Catalyst House, Centennial Park, Borehamwood WD6 3SY


Chiller Replacement


Threadneedle Pensions Ltd


Workman LLP



Our Role

MEP Consultant


27 weeks

Project Value