Engineering Term Consultancy – Thames Valley Commercial Office Portfolio

Thames Valley Commercial Office Portfolio


• Initial recovery exceeding £20k from incumbent Contractor

• Service provider negligence addressed

• Thorough procurement process

• Comprehensive tender report and interview selection

• Day-to-day value-added technical support

• Robust statutory compliance auditing

• Initiated planned replacement programme

• Annual contract savings of £21k

Project Overview

Intrinsic Facilities Engineering (IFE) established business-critical reporting; scrutiny of quotations for remedial works and technical submissions from specialist contractors; review and auditing performance of the engineering services maintenance contractors; value-added consultancy. These services combined to ensure the efficient operation of building services and the comfort of occupants in line with industry standards.


Slough Trading Estate is Europe’s largest trading estate in single ownership. It is wholly owned and managed by SEGRO and is home to many of the world’s most successful companies.

Initially, the SEGRO Thames Valley portfolio comprised eight buildings across Slough and Basingstoke providing approximately 280,000 square feet of commercial office space. This has fluctuated throughout IFE’s long-standing (8 years) instruction. Intrinsic FE was engaged to review legislative compliance of the engineering services. This, together with review of the operational effectiveness and standard of service delivery of the maintenance provider was delivered through its ‘Term Consultancy’ offering. Each of the properties differed in age, size and complexity of engineering services which presented their own unique set of challenges, albeit within the common goal of achieving statutory compliance, optimising performance, maximising asset life and reducing the probability of breakdowns and failure.

Project Summary

IFE adopted a pragmatic and methodical technical approach, undertaking preliminary inspections to identify key areas of non-compliance and performance failures. This enabled IFE to develop a priority-based remedial plan which it implemented through the facilities team and incumbent maintenance provider.

IFE highlighted failings which made a compelling case to seek a refund/ compensation for incomplete works and led intensive negotiation meetings at senior management level to secure financial settlement over £20k.

IFE worked closely with the Client to formulate an improved technical specification around their terms and conditions during an extensive tender exercise.

IFE continues to provide a Technical Management service which has yielded annual savings of c.£20k across the portfolio, together with an equally impressive improvement in thermal comfort and overall tenant satisfaction.


Thames Valley Commercial Office Portfolio


Engineering Term Consultancy


SEGRO Administration Ltd



Our Role

MEP Consultant


3 months/ongoing

Project Value

c.£212k per annum